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kick your gambling addiction

“Successfully finished a very educational course, l’m very glad to have found Kick your Habits.”

Experience of a client who completed treatment with us for gambling addiction. Shared on the independent assessment site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

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Take a gamble

the euphoria of victory

Gambling can put you in a trance. It is relaxing, making you forget everything around you. The thrill of winning -or losing- gives you a rush. Adrenaline and endorphins make you feel good. Like alcohol and drugs, this excitement provides a dopamine boost. If you are sensitive for it, gambling can be addictive, just like alcohol and drugs. Once you stop, you miss that fine, rewarding feeling that gambling gives you.

facts about addiction

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“The therapists at Kick your Habits have been excellent in helping me gain insight into the underlying reasons for my addiction, and supported me in the process of getting rid of my addiction.The methods provided work well, and the regular conversations are a good stick.”

Experience of a client who completed addiction treatment (Amsterdam) with us. Shared on the independent assessment site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

Gambling addiction traits

Do I have a gambling addiction?

If you recognize yourself in the statements below, you could have a gambling addiction. Do not carry on with it alone. Trust someone, seek support and professional help if necessary.

    • I sometimes try to hide from others that I gamble.
    • I sometimes argue with people I love about the way I handle money.
    • I sometimes tell others that I won money when in fact I lost.
    • Sometimes gambling affects my work, my relationship or my education.
    • I sometimes have money problems because of gambling.
  • I sometimes gamble even though I had resolved not to.
  • I sometimes feel guilty about gambling.
  • I sometimes think I should stop gambling.
  • I sometimes go back (online or to casino/gambling hall) to win back the money I lost the day before.
  • I have sometimes borrowed money that I did not return because I gamble.

gambling addiction treatment concept for the busy man or woman


We created an addiction treatment concept in Amsterdam and Utrecht that fits today’s busy man or woman with bad habits and addictions. We see addiction as an out-of-control regular process. Something that initially worked for you (pleasure, comfort, distraction, self-confidence) turns against you.

We get you moving in a way that suits you.

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