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Complaint Statutes for clients of Kick your Habits

At Kick your Habits, a team of multidisciplinary healthcare providers work together. They do so enthusiastically, they are passionate about the cause, and they keep their knowledge up-to-date. What’s most important is that we help you achieve your goals to your satisfaction. That is usually the case, but what if it’s not and you’re not satisfied?

  • The best approach is to discuss your complaint directly with the care provider the complaint is about. A conversation with him or her is the easiest and fastest way that often leads to a satisfactory solution.
  • If that fails, we invite you to meet the managers of Kick your Habits: Daniel Robroeks or Sigrid Sijthoff. They are ready to mediate on your behalf or help you and advise you in your next course of action. They can be contacted via info@kickyourhabits.nl or 020-7370887.
  • If you’re still unable to find a satisfactory solution within Kick your Habits, you can contact the independent complaint official outside of Kick your Habits.

External complaint processing

We aim to help you to the best of our abilities. However, it may still occur that you are left feeling unsatisfied. In that case, it is good to know the best way to notify us of your complaint, or how to file a complaint. You can file your complaint with the independent complaints office Zorg. An employee of the complaints office will try to resolve your complaint with information and advice and can put you in contact with an independent complaint official. He can mediate between us and yourself, so that we may find a good solution together. You can find all required information at https://www.degeschillencommissiezorg.nl/english/

The arbitration committee

Kick your Habits is connected to the complaint committee Zorg. If the problem is still unresolved after mediation with the internal and external complaint official, you can send a formal written complaint to the arbitration committee. Your complaint then becomes a dispute. An impartial, expert committee will assess your dispute and you will receive a binding verdict. We and you are bound to this verdict and it is not possible to appeal this verdict. For more information, please refer to https://www.degeschillencommissiezorg.nl/english/

The processing of a complaint within Kick your Habits does not cost anything. Filing a complaint with the arbitration committee does carry costs for the filer.