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Kicking your medicine addiction in Amsterdam

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“My therapist was someone who made me feel at ease, someone who could sense what I needed, someone who could give me new insights to help me move forward. She also made me responsible for my own treatment, which made me aware of the things I needed and expected of the treatment. It was a warm and comfortable experience.”

Shared by a client who successfully completed a treatment of ours in March, 2016. Shared on the independent review site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

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Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nl

An 8.6 on ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’

.“A very thoughtful and efficient treatment that doesn’t fall back on soft babble or impersonal protocols. 

Highly effective.”

Sleeping pills and sedatives

Do you belong to the 1.4 million Dutch adults who frequently, around once a day, take a sedative or sleeping pill? Does it help you during the day when you feel stressed or insecure? Or do you belong to the group of people who cannot fall asleep without a pill anymore? Have you been taking them for years? Did you start taking them when life was letting you down and did it turn into a habit? Do you notice how these pills dampen your emotions and feelings? That everything colorful in your daily life has turned into a mix of black and grey?

Sleeping pills and sedatives (benzodiazepines) are used to suppress anxiety, stress and insomnia. They inhibit brain activity and the central nervous system. They make you feel relaxed, less anxious, and it is easier to fall asleep. Sleeping pills usually take effect quickly and they last for a short time. Sedatives take longer to take effect, but they last longer.

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Risks and side-effects

Sleeping pills and sedatives shouldn’t be used for longer than a few weeks. They lose their effectiveness over time. You’ll need more to achieve the same results, which puts you at risk of becoming addicted.

Negative effects of sleeping pills and sedatives:

  • Tired, sleepy, drowsy during the day. Hangover-like feeling.
  • You can’t focus, you feel physically weak. You’re more prone to get into an accident.
  • Weight gain.
  • Music, sex and other fun things are not as enjoyable anymore.
  • Remembering things becomes harder.
  • You numb yourself instead of dealing with your problems. You don’t learn how to deal with stress and problems in a good way.
  • The combination with alcohol can be dangerous.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: nausea, shaking, sweating, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, oversensitive to stimuli, somberness.
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Would you like to stop taking sleeping pills or sedatives? You can do so by cutting back gradually. You may experience withdrawal symptoms. If you’ve been taking sleeping pills or sedatives for a longer period of time, consult with your GP or contact us. If necessary, you can replace your pills with medication that lasts longer. Then you can slowly cut down on your medication, under supervision.

Call us, we will slowly but steadily help you with your problem, allowing you to think clearly once again and experience life in all its wonderful colors.

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