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Kick your medicine addiction

“My therapist was someone I felt comfortable with, someone who sensed what I needed and someone who gave me new insights that I could move forward with. She also gave me responsibility over my own treatment which made me aware of what I wanted from the treatment. Warm and nice place to come.”

Experience of a client who completed treatment for medication addiction with us. Shared on the independent assessment site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

We get you moving in a way that suits you


sleeping pills and sedatives

One pill too many

Do you belang to the 1.4 million Dutch adults who frequently, around once a day, take a sedative or sleeping pill? Does it help you during the day when you feel stressed or insecure? Or do you belang to the group of people who can not fall asleep without a pill anymore? Have you been taking them for years? Did you start taking them when life was letting you down and did it turn into a habit? Do you notice how these pills dampen your emotions and feelings? That everything colorful in your daily life has turned into a mix of black and grey? Sleeping pills and sedatives (benzodiazepines) are used to suppress anxiety, stress and insomnia. They inhibit brain activity and the central nervous system. They make you feel relaxed, less anxious, and it is easier to fall asleep. Sleeping pills usually take effect quickly and they last for a short time. Sedatives take langer to take effect, but they last longer.

facts about addiction

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“Incredibly happy and grateful for this club of people. After several other treatments at other institutions, Kick has been a breath of fresh air. Working towards recovery with a well thought out and realistic plan together. I tip my hat!

Experience from a client who completed addiction treatment (Amsterdam) with us. Shared on the independent assessment site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.


Sleep and sedation pills should really not be used for more than a few weeks. That’s when they start working less well. You need more of them to achieve the same effect, and you thereby run the risk of becoming addicted.

Negative effects of sleeping pills and sedatives:

  • Feeling tired, sleepy, drowsy during the day. Hangover feeling.
  • Not being able to concentrate well, feeling physically weak. Higher chance of accidents
  • Weight gain
  • Less able to enjoy music, sex and other pleasurable things.
  • Memory doesn’t work as well.
  • You numb yourself instead of solving problems. You don’t learn to handle stress and problems properly.
  • The combination with alcohol can be dangerous.
  • Abstinence symptoms: nausea, trembling, sweating, headache, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, sensitive to stimuli, gloomy.
medicijn verslaving

Medicine addiction treatment concept for the busy man or woman

Would you like to stop taking sleeping pills or sedatives? You can do so by cutting back gradually. You may experience withdrawal symptoms. lf you’ve been taking sleeping pills or sedatives for a langer period of time, consult with your GP or contact us. lf necessary, you can replace your pills with medication that lasts langer. Then you can slowly cut down on your medication, under supervision.

We make sure to get you moving in a way that suits you.

We make sure to get you moving in a way that suits you

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