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Treatment for addiction in Amsterdam

“I’ve visited multiple addiction clinics, but I always felt like just another number, being forced into a certain method. At Kick Your Habits, the opposite was true. There is a lot of personal attention, which makes the therapy much more effective.”

Experience of a client who successfully completed a treatment of ours in September, 2013. Shared on the independent review site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

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Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nl

An 8.6 on ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’

.“A very thoughtful and efficient treatment that doesn’t fall back on soft babble or impersonal protocols. 

Highly effective.”







Effective treatment for adults with bad habits and addictions

We offer ambulatory care; that means that we do not house patients in the clinic. You will learn to change in the environment in which you want to maintain that change.

Together we will take the steps required to regulate the impulses that lead to bad habits. Our goal is to replace the harmful habit with new, healthy habits, chosen by you.

Personal guidance for addiction treatment Amsterdam

We value personal counseling. That is why the entire project, from intake to after care, will be supervised by the same practitioner.

You will have the possibility to call and email your practitioner without appointments. The specifics will be discussed with your practitioner at the start of the treatment.

Treatment methods addiction

Of course we also focus on any additional psychological problems. As treatment methods we use:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy,
  • psychotherapy,
  • EMDR
  • schema therapy.

Trainings & peer groups as treatment addiction

We also have mindfulness training and a self-image group for those who want it. Everything entirely voluntary.

With mindfulness you learn not to be flooded anymore by your impulses.

In the self-image group, you learn to regain lost self-confidence through your ‘habits’.

Registering treatment addiction Amsterdam: unfortunately temporary client stop ...

You can register through the site, per email, info@kickyourhabits.nl or by phone: 020 7370887. We will contact you by phone. During this call, we will assess whether we can help you and provide you with everything you need. A registration is therefore not a guarantee for treatment. .

A letter of referral is required by the health insurer to reimburse the costs.
It is easiest for Amsterdam-based physicians to refer you through the referral portal Zorgdomein.
Referrers and physicians outside Amsterdam that are not linked to Zorgdomein can use the format below.

   Format Referral

Starting from 1-1-2014, the health insurer has set the following requirements for the letter of referral:
the letter of referral needs to contain the following specification:

    • Basic or Specialized GGZ and (suspected) DSM V diagnosis.
    • the letter of referral must be dated prior to the intake.
      To prevent problems or unexpected costs from occurring, we will delay the intake until we include the letter of referral in our dossier. You can send the letter of referral by fax or ask your GP to do so.

Our fax number is 020 5248015. You can also send your letter of referral to:

Kick your Habits
Cornelis Krusemanstraat 75B
1075 NJ Amsterdam

While you’re in the process of requesting a letter of referral, we start looking for a practitioner whom we think will be best suited for you. As soon as we receive your letter of referral, we will ask him or her to contact you to schedule the intake.

Intake addiction treatment

Roman Kramer psychiater

The purpose of the intake is to gain a proper and complete oversight of the nature and seriousness of the problems you’re facing, so that we can determine if we can offer you the help you need. We will give you treatment advice based on the information we collect.

  • The intake will involve the directive practitioner and your future practitioner. Usually both of them, but sometimes separately. Your practitioner will stay with you from the intake until after you’ve completed the after care. We value your connection to your practitioner. If you feel lack that connection is missing, please let us know; we will find a solution together.
  • During the intake we will discuss your complaints and how you view you complaints, their context and their origin. We look at your goals, expectations and the treatment possibilities. Any underlying, extra problems and your physical/medical situation will also be discussed. We will also check if any additional examinations are required. At first, this will consist of lab research. You will also be asked to fill in some surveys to provide us with all the information we need regarding the nature and seriousness of your problems.
  • You will receive information regarding the approach, your rights and obligations and the numerous treatment options. Practical things, such as checking your personal information will also be discussed.
  • If necessary, we will clarify the above information that you will receive by email. The terms and conditions and the complaint regulations can be found on our site.

We will provide you with a treatment proposition, based on the gathered information. We will discuss this with you and together we will formulate a fitting treatment plan. When you wish to start the proposed treatment, you will sign the treatment contract and make specific agreements with your practitioner prior to the treatment.

If you would rather think things over, you may do so for seven days. You can contact your practitioner within a week.


Treatment addiction

behandeling verslaving anouk

We offer you a treatment based on the newest scientific insights.

The core of this treatment is motivational conversing and cognitive behavioral therapy (more information can be found below). These are the most demonstrably proven and most effective treatment methods for problematic alcohol and substance use. If necessary, a detox plan can be devised with supportive medication.

The treatment consists of personal face to face meetings, combined with homework exercises and meetings by phone or email. The exact nature of the treatment depends on your situation. Meetings alone will probably not be sufficient, so we will always try to literally get you moving. We can advice you on additional counseling, e.g. walking training through the forest, or fitness, dietary guidance, mindfulness training, boxing, or yoga.


During your treatment, you might be adviced to use supportive medication. This will only occur after careful deliberation between you, your practitioner and the directive practitioner. Naturally, your medical history and any medication you’re currently using will be taken into account.

Motivational conversing

Motivational conversations are aimed at clarifying and strengthening your motivation to enact change. We focus on your freedom of choice and your personal responsibility to make this decision. We also discuss the consequences of changing your behavior.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a combination of cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy centers around the idea that how we act and feel is not a result of certain events in life, but how we see these events through ‘rose-colored glasses’. If you become more aware of these thoughts (cognitions) and learn how to interpret them differently, you will gain more control over your impulses and be less affected by negative feelings. Behavioral therapy is directly aimed at learned behavior, in this case ‘bad habits’. First, we map the problematic behavior and the circumstances during which it occurs. Then we look for better behavioral patterns together, or ‘good habits’. For this, we use exercises and homework.

After care treatment


With dedication, force of will and good techniques and counseling, it is possible to be taught good habits and to regulate the impulses that lead to bad habits. Unfortunately, the marks left by an unwanted habit will never completely disappear. You will always have a certain vulnerability; the unwanted habit could surface if the circumstances allow it. Good after care is therefore always of great importance when treating unwanted habits.

This is why, after the conclusion of your treatment, you will meet with your practitioner for a year, every 3 months. Whenever you feel like you cannot do it on your own anymore, you can always contact your practitioner directly to register for treatment.



liverpool-bandKick your Habits is a recognized insitution for specialized medical care and has been registered as such in the registry of the General Data Management for Healthcare Providers (in Dutch: Algemene Gegevens Beheer Zorgverleners (AGB)).

This means that any care provided by us will be subject to reimbursement from all health insurers, with the mandatory basic health insurance plan. The percentage of the costs that are reimbursed depends on the health insurer and your insurance plan, but it is usually around 60-70%. The costs of the provided care are determined on a national level by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. More information about the tariffs can be found on the website www.nza.nl/english.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement by your health insurer, we require a letter of referral from your GP or a specialist prior to the start of the treatment. For more information, see ‘Registration’.

If you wish to declare the costs of the treatment directly with your health insurer, you can transfer the claim you have on your health insurer to us by signing a declaration form. When you transfer the claim, you will not receive an invoice from us. The health insurer will reimburse the costs of the treatment to us directly.

Formally, you would still have to pay us. Depending on your health plan, this is around 40% of the treatment costs. Instead, we ask you to pay an income-dependent contribution, starting at € 80 for the entire treatment, or € 200 on an average income. This includes the year-long after care when you concluded the treatment. We will always find a solution for anyone who considers this to be an obstacle for treatment on their path to better habits.

Note: The above is not applicable to your mandatory deductible. You have a mandatory deductible of at least € 360 per year. It is possible that the (partial) deductible is withheld by your health insurer in their payment to us. In this case we will charge you with that amount when your treatment is concluded.

We register/bill both ‘direct time’ (face to face meetings, phone calls, emails, skype) and ‘indirect time’ (writing meeting and evaluation reports, multidisciplinary consultations).

Identification requirement

liverpool-2We are required by law to verify your identification and social security number during the first meeting. This is possible with a valid passport or an identification card (not a driver’s license). We also need a copy of your identification for any declarations we send to the health insurer.

Rescheduling or cancelling appointments

If you wish to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we would like to hear about it as soon as possible. For changes to your intake meeting, you can send an email to info@kickyourhabits.nl. During your treatment you can contact your personal practitioner.

Any appointments that are cancelled at a time later than 48 hours prior to meetings (not including weekends) are subject to a no-show tariff of 125 euros for an intake meeting and 50 euros for a meeting with your practitioner or the directive practitioner. These costs are your own responsibility; they will not be reimbursed by your health insurer.

Bring a friend

icoon-naaste-meenemenWe value the involvement of your loved ones in your treatment, for example your partner, a relative, or a good friend. He/she can be a valuable source of information and support during the intake meeting. You can also choose to bring your partner, relative, or friend during one of the subsequent meetings.



Would you rather not tell your health insurer about your problem? Then coaching is the solution for you!

You will receive the same care, but you will pay for it on your own: € 125 ex VAT/hour. These costs cannot be reimbursed by the health insurer, but they are tax deductible.

Your life is full of responsibilities and your day is a succession of meetings, you are always on the road to the next meeting, your next goal. Maybe, on top of that, you have a family at home that needs you. Nothing can stop you. In order to balance these peaks, it might be a good idea to reflect on yourself every now and again. Are you really balanced?

  • Do you drink more than you should?
  • Is your weight increasing and do your diet attempts fail one by one?
  • You tried to stop smoking, why won’t it work?
  • Did you lash out at the kids last weekend, did your partner bring up the fact that you are always absent?
  • Was your performance review disappointing?
  • Are you ever insecure regarding your role in the team?
  • Would you like to reevaluate your talents and find out how to better employ them?

During the coaching course, we use our knowledge, experience and sense of humor to investigate these questions together with you. We will primarily focus on your ‘good habits and your habits that are not so good’. When this aspect of your life is balanced, it has an unexpectedly large influence on your life as a whole!

We are well versed in the latest neurobiological insights that help you to improve the balance in your feelings and behaviors, and we employ them eagerly. If necessary, we can provide medication, for example when you need help to drink less. We move fast and our motto is that for every meeting, you bring us something. Many members of higher management in corporations, non-profit organizations and intellectuals have preceeded you.


The sooner you intervene, the better. And the easier it will be to regain control of your life. We will help you. Call us to schedule an appointment. We will see where things are and together we will work to exchange your bad habit for a good one