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Kick your habits


Sigrid Sijthoff

Sigrid Sijthoff

Founder and physician

Daniel Robroeks

Daniel Robroeks

Operations manager

Client Council

When you’re being treated by us, you also get a voice during discussions on policy changes. A client council has been established for this purpose.

Members of the client council represent everyone who comes into contact with Sijthoff & Van Empel – Kick your Habits. This includes (potential) clients, their family, visitors, and patient organisations.

The council regularly meets with the board of directors. Topics are discussed that are important to clients, e.g. how are clients treated? How long do patients need to wait before receiving care? These are just a few examples of the topics discussed during these meetings.

The purpose of the client council

The purpose of the client council of Sijthoff & Van Empel is to allow the client to give input. Clients should be able to participate when Sijthoff & Van Empel’s policy is discussed. Focus points during these meetings are:

  • Client treatment
  • Time and attention for the client
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Waiting periods
  • Housing

The client council safeguards the clients’ interest and aims to improve client participation in policy changes. The eventual goal is to finetune the provided care based on the needs and desires of the client. Optimal healthcare quality without waiting periods, creating a pleasant treatment experience for clients.

Client council, not a complaint committee

The client council does not deal with individual complaints. Complaints are subject to the complaint procedure, which can be found HERE.

Ideas or suggestions? 

Of course your opinion matters to us. Do you have ideas or suggestions? The client council would like to invite you to share your experiences. You can share your opinion with the client council by sending an email to: clientenraad@kickyourhabits.nl