Ook beschikbaar in het: Dutch

Experiences of a client who successfully completed a treatment of ours in January, 2015.

The most important thing for me was to voice my inner dialogue out loud during the meetings, allowing me to test my “truths” against reality. I made a lot of negative assumptions about myself and others and all the ways in which I (was) failed. All that insecurity and sadness turned into anxiety and anger, which I overloaded with alcohol.

When it became an addiction, I had yet another reason to be angry at myself, and I felt myself deteriorate both physically and mentally. Every day I had the intention to change, but I never got to it. I became harder and harder on myself, and I drank more and more.

I learned to look at myself from a different perspective, to not believe everything I think and to address myself in a more positive and mild manner. I even learned how to laugh at the endless struggle that life so often is.

I now experience less anger, and the need has therefore faded as well.

The treatment offered me tremendous support, it was a safe haven without judgements where I was always free to make my own decisions.

It’s as if we rediscovered my strength together, and that it’s alright that within that strength lies a big vulnerability.