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John de Kok: Supervisory Board member

John de Kok is familiar with a variety of healthcare aspects. He’s been the CEO of an International Pharmaceutic concern, CEO and co-owner of a chain of specialised medical care regarding Cardiology and Addiction Care, and he’s been a supervisor of numerous healthcare institutions. As a Partner at Deloitte, he’s currently responsbile for the Healthcare and Life Science activities, mainly focused on e-Health and the issues that come with it, e.g. privacy, cyber security, block-chain and AI. He also teaches Leadership at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

John de Kok

John de Kok

Supervisory Board member

Marcus Huibers

Marcus Huibers

Supervisory Board member

Marcus Huibers: Supervisory Board member

‘Because I like the people’ is my top answer when I get asked why I co-founded Kick your Habits in 2011 and said goodbye to my life as a GP. During my work as a GP, I often noticed that habits/addictions are a very important factor for many problems. It made more sense for me to tackle those issues instead of focusing on the newest drug on the market to combat high blood pressure. Even better: for me, there’s something emotionally touching when it comes to ‘the addicted’. They are often very sensitive, they struggle with the demands and expectations of our production-focused society. There’s no room to be vulnerable; you have to be tough, strong, and beautiful. In those cases, drinking, smoking, eating and snorting become a welcome distraction. Unfortunately, those instant ‘solutions’ can start to control you.

What I see time and time again during our treatments is how strongly and how quickly you change someone’s life for the better when you start working towards replacing a bad habit/addiction with more joyful habits. -if you can keep it up.. 😉

We prefer to talk about ‘bad habits’ rather than addictions. This is not an attempt to trivialise the problem, but we aim to emphasise the fact that change is possible and that you can gain so much by doing so.

I also believe that we have a societal duty:
The power of social media and the fact that our social life has become so interconnected with stimulants has made it much easier to become a victim of less-than-desirable habits. Yet, it remains a taboo.

Kick your Habits wants to work towards a more sustainable world in which we can acknowledge our own vulnerabilities. We wish to strive towards a humble society, where balance and letting go can co-exist.

Client Council

When you’re being treated by us, you also get a voice during discussions on policy changes. A client council has been established for this purpose.

Members of the client council represent everyone who comes into contact with Sijthoff & Van Empel – Kick your Habits. This includes (potential) clients, their family, visitors, and patient organisations.

The council regularly meets with the board of directors. Topics are discussed that are important to clients, e.g. how are clients treated? How long do patients need to wait before receiving care? These are just a few examples of the topics discussed during these meetings.

The purpose of the client council

The purpose of the client council of Sijthoff & Van Empel is to allow the client to give input. Clients should be able to participate when Sijthoff & Van Empel’s policy is discussed. Focus points during these meetings are:

  • Client treatment
  • Time and attention for the client
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Waiting periods
  • Housing

The client council safeguards the clients’ interest and aims to improve client participation in policy changes. The eventual goal is to finetune the provided care based on the needs and desires of the client. Optimal healthcare quality without waiting periods, creating a pleasant treatment experience for clients.

Client council, not a complaint committee

The client council does not deal with individual complaints. Complaints are subject to the complaint procedure, which can be found HERE.

Ideas or suggestions? 

Of course your opinion matters to us. Do you have ideas or suggestions? The client council would like to invite you to share your experiences. You can share your opinion with the client council by sending an email to: clientenraad@kickyourhabits.nl