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Kick your sex addiction

“Excellent conversations, they provided me with many insights regarding my problem and the human brain. (Self) compassion is key in this”

Experience of a client who completed treatment for sex addiction with us. Shared on the independent assessment site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

We get you moving in a way that suits you


unsatisfied by sex

Is my libido too high?

Sex should be a fun aspect of life. The problem with sex addiction is that the desire is no langer fulfilled. The sex addicted will subconsciously use sex to find something other than sexual gratification. He or she will therefore always remain unsatisfied and will always be searching for something else. People who are addicted to sex often do not enjoy sex as much. Sex addiction is not about a sexual desire that’s out of control, or too much sex, or some type of sex that’s not regarded as ‘normal’. People’s desires in this area aften vary a lot; as long as it feels good for you and your partner(s) there really isn’t a problem.

Facts about addiction

wanneer ben je verslaafd

How to change your habits?

How to change your habits and how do you stick to it?

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dna van je hart jonger

Working out just once rejuvenates the DNA of your heart

It turns out that mice DNA appears to be younger after half an hour of physical exertion. 

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sex addiction treatment concept for the busy man or woman

We developed an addiction treatment concept in Amsterdam and Utrecht that suits today’s busy man or woman with bad habits and addictions. We see addiction as an out-of-control normal process. Something that initially worked for you (pleasure, comfort, distraction, self-confidence) turns against you.

We get you moving in a way that suits you.

Sex addiction

When are you a sex addict?

It is difficult to self-determine dependence on sex. And we tend to deny dependence anyway. To get a first indication of the risk of problems, you can check the extent to which you recognize yourself in the statements below:

  • I have an obsessive and compulsive need for sex
  • I masturbate excessively
  • I sleep poorly because I watch porn late into the night
  • My sexual behavior functions as a drug
  • I do things that are risky (unsafe, in dangerous places or places where I can be caught)
  • I suffer from strongly fluctuating moods
  • My sexual behavior interferes with my daily life

You’re not alone in this

It appears that more and more people are struggling with sex addiction. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to really talk about sex and their dependence on it; so they often wait too long to seek help. Are you stuck in an addictive pattern of sexual behavior and want to take back control of your life? If you contact us, we will discuss whether we can provide what you need.

Kick your habits


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