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Quitting smoking in Amsterdam

“After many attempts to quit smoking, I finally did it. I’ve smoked for 45 years and must have stopped at least 10 times, lasting from a couple of weeks to almost 3 years. The help I was offered and the approach of Kick Your Habit really helped me to take that next step towards a smoke-free life.”

ATTENTION: The insurers believe that quitting smoking is a matter of the GP. We can only reimburse you if you also want to be treated for another addiction.

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An 8.6 on ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’

.“A very thoughtful and efficient treatment that doesn’t fall back on soft babble or impersonal protocols. 

Highly effective.”


Nicotin is a stimulating substance. In low dosages, it can make you feel good. You’ll feel relaxed, but also alert and you’ll be able to focus better. Anxiety and stress fade away. Unfortunately, this positive mental effect disappears after a few minutes. The physical effects such as a high blood pressure and heart rate and a diminished appetite last longer.

Higher doses of nicotin give the opposite effect. You become nervous, restless, you can’t focus. This opposite effect remains when the nicotin loses its effect, which happens quickly for nicotin. Those annoying withdrawal symptoms disappear like snow on a sunny day when you take a new dose of nicotin. This can make smoking highly addictive.

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Negative effects of smoking

You doubtlessly know that smoking is bad for you. Your condition worsens, your skin ages faster and it’s bad for your teeth and breath.

On the long term it increases the odds of cancer, high blood pressure, strokes and chronic bronchitis. Not a list that makes you happy.

Luckily there’s a sunny side.

If you can manage to (momentarily) stop smoking, the positive effects are instant.

  • A day without smoking will lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and your lungs start cleaning themselves.
  • A couple of days without smoking will remove the nicotin from your body, making you less winded and improving your sense of smell and taste.
  • A month without smoking will improve you condition, your lungs, and put an end to that cough.
  • A year without smoking decreases your odds of cardiovascular disease by 50%, as well as other diseases.

Do you want to stop smoking? Seek support. Talk to people in your surroundings, seek help, contact your GP or give us a call.

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When you contact us, we will assess whether we can offer you the care that you need. You do need to keep in mind that our care for smoking addictions alone is not reimbursed by health insurance providers. They are of the opinion that ‘quiting smoking’ is a GP’s job.