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How to stop snacking..



People that are overweight know very well that you should eat More More salads and Fewer Fewer twinkies.. When you’re overweight, it’s likely that you can recite the proper dietary rules in your sleep, but the moment you let your guard down, you find yourself snacking anyway. No mother, dietist, or calory counter can prevent that from happening..


Our reptile brain is king

The real problem is that we’ve accustomed ourselves to all sorts of eating routines. For example, we can think that when we’re unhappy, the best comfort is to treat ourselves to a roll of Oreos. Or that watching a TV show on the couch is best when paired with a bag of crisps. 
So what needs to happen if you want a slimmer waistline, or a bum that’s a few pounds lighter? You need to unlearn these stupid habits. The program of all these habits is located in our so-called reptile brain: that lightning-fast acting part of our brain that instinctively makes you think ‘Crisps’ the moment you flop onto the couch, immediately steering/directing you towards the pantry. That reflex needs to go! When that’s gone, you can stop snacking.

Stop snacking and willpower 

What do you need to change these reflex-directed eating binges? That requires willpower, a horrible word that would make any person with overweight start sighing: ‘I wish I had some…’

Willpoer can be trained and then: you can stop snacking!

Regard willpower as a muscle and look at that, the solution presents itself! A fine study was conducted years ago. They investigated whether you can unlearn the irresistable attraction of something ‘really tasty’. An overweight man who treated himself to lots of candy had put a large bowl of candy on the table in the room where he spends the evenings after work. The first few evenings, he couldn’t help himself and sneakily grabbed some candy. But… eventually he managed to walk by the candy, look at it, smell it, and not grab it! Evening after evening, he had trained his willpower muscle!

And this muscle then also helped him to resist the sweet temptations of life during the day and to stop snacking alltogether.

He lived a long, thinner, and even happier life..