Ook beschikbaar in het: Dutch

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Ook beschikbaar in het: Dutch

2 glazen wijn per dag fles wijn2 glasses of wine per day is too  much? How much wine can you drink?

We read: 2 glasses of wine per day is too much. Especially nowadays, you’ll find countless of articles on how many glasses of alcohol you’re allowed to drink per week or per day. Anyone who’s on social media or who’s read a newspaper knows: we drink too much. Most people who drink, drink too much. Especially the daily drinkers are quickly above the limit.

How many glasses of wine/alcohol per day?
What if you want to start drinking less? So you’re thinking: those bottles of wine on weekdays, are they really necessary? I’d like to cut those down. But how? It seems easy and obvious: you come home after a day of stressing at work. It’s 5 PM. You take off your coat, put your phone on the table, your bag and shoes in the corner, you flop onto the couch. Sigh, you’re tired. You’ve earned a reward or some comfort. For those who also smoke, it’s like heaven: a bottle of wine from the cupboard and a smoke. For those who stopped smoking, just the bottle of wine, but they can afford a slightly more expensive bottle. That will quickly put you at 2 glasses of wine per day.

Tips to leave that half a bottle of wine per day untouched
What’s missing from the above situation around 5 PM? HUNGER! We think we’re tired and need that comforting glass of wine. But below the surface, something else is at play: we haven’t eaten since lunch and we actually just want some food.

Here is the crux of the story: make sure you’ve eaten by 5 PM, and you’ll be much better equipped to resist that ‘5 PM wine’! That’s how you stop drinking 2 glasses of wine per day. 

Are you still having trouble to do this on your own and do you want to kick this bad habit? Please look here on the page about alcohol addiction for more information.