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Kick your alcohol addiction

“”I don’t drink anymore. I was suffering from anxiety/panic attacks, I have also left those behind and I now go through life mindfully. The therapy has changed my life in an adequate, respectful, confrontational, way – but also with humor. After having many different therapies, this has been just right for me.””

Experience from a client who completed treatment with us for alcohol addiction. Shared on the independent assessment site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

We get you moving in a way that suits you

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Can I handle my alcohol consumption on my own?

Enjoying a glass of wine again

We tend to deny our dependency. This is not a bad will, we just don’t see it clearly.  Dependence is accompanied by shame, jockeying and twisting in front of those around us and ourselves. 

Our surroundings usually finds it a difficult subject to talk about. Often partners are the only ones who speak up. Because they are alone in this, it is easily dismissed as whining. Addiction Care Amsterdam can help.

Facts about addiction

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2 glasses of wine per day is too much?

This is a frequently asked question.

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alcohol addiction treatment
for the busy man or woman

We have developed an addiction treatment concept in Amsterdam and Utrecht that suits today’s busy man or woman with bad habits and addictions. We see addiction as an out-of-control normal process. Something that initially worked for you (pleasure, comfort, distraction, self-confidence) turns against you.

We get you moving in a way that suits you.

Personal attention, experience, having both feet in today’s society, understanding, hands-on, directly applicable advice etc etc. After all these years of trying everything, finally feel like I’m in the right place. No newly graduated psychology students but skilled practitioners who know what they are talking about. 

Finally clean. Forever grateful.

If you are still in doubt, go!

Experience from a client who completed treatment with us. Shared on the independent review site ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’.

Regain control of your alcohol consumption

There are times you wish you had a little more control over your alcohol consumption.

It’s hard to stop drinking once you’ve started.

Often you drink just a few glasses more than intended. And not to mention the discussions about your alcohol consumption with your partner….

You are regularly trying to convince others (and yourself) that you have everything under control.

The first glasses usually hit very well.

Alcohol reaches the brain after about ten minutes and makes us more relaxed and happier. We feel less inhibited and self-criticism decreases. A conversation is more easily initiated and seems much more enjoyable. Worries about work or relationships no longer seem so pressing.

You would be crazy to not accept such a potion…

Are you dependent on alcohol?

Have I got an addiction to alcohol now?

It is difficult to determine for ourselves whether we are dependent on alcohol. We tend to deny dependency anyway. To get a first indication of the risk of problems, you can check to what extent you recognize yourself in the statements below:

  • I drink every day, do I have an alcohol addiction?
  • I find it difficult to stop after a few glasses
  • I can handle my drinking better and better (I don’t get tipsy/drunk as quickly)
  • It irritates me when others make comments about my alcohol consumption
  • There is always a reason to drink
  • I sometimes try to reduce my drinking
  • I sometimes consider stopping drinking
  • I sometimes feel guilty about my drinking
  • I often try to convince others that my drinking is under control

It is understandable that alcohol consumption is so popular. But the positive effects can unfortunately turn into negative effects and alcohol addiction.

Kick your habits


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