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for referrers


You can most conveniently refer through Zorgdomein or by sending this download form. Don’t forget to put BGGZ or SGGZ on it!  Otherwise we will have to bother you with it again. (purple crocodile?)

(We try very hard, but we rarely succeed in solving ‘habit problems’ in the BGGZ, especially because we also work with the client on the underlying causes).

Your patient should also contact us by filling out the application form.

Who is at home with us?

The addicted individual where there is still ‘mobility in the brain’; interests, hobbies and desire for real change

We offer outpatient, personal and effective treatment for all those who ‘just’ have a family, work, education, life and want to do something about their addiction problem in that setting.

We are there for all those who regularly come in for GP consultations with functional upset stomach, COPD, coughing, recurring headaches, chronic sleep problems, relationship conflicts, dysthymic symptoms, burn out, metabolic syndrome or messy eating behaviors, where you know or suspect that an addiction problem is involved.

We are there for those who cannot be treated for other psychological complaints because the addiction problem must first be brought under control. Or for those who have started treatment but have become bogged down by addiction problems.

We are there for those who have already had several addiction treatments, who have become a bit discouraged by them but really want to change things. However, the person must still have a good structure in life in the form of work, family, volunteer work or an education.


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You can easily refer via zorgdomein

Are you not affiliated with Zorgdomein:

For reimbursement by the health insurer, a referral letter from a GP or specialist is required. As of 1-1-2014, the health insurer sets the following requirements for this:

The referral letter must state the following specification:

  • Basic or Specialist Mental Health Care and (suspected) DSM V diagnosis.
  • The referral letter must be in the file before the intake.     

To make it easier, we have created a format for a referral letter. Please email this to us by means of a scan: info@kickyourhabits.nl

What do we offer?


  • Outpatient, individual treatment
  • Basic mental healthcare and specialist mental healthcare
  • Starting point: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing
  • We involve the environment as much as possible in the treatment
  • Focus on developing and strengthening effective habits
  • Common sense approach: exercise, eat well, sleep well, live well
  • On average, we take clients under our wing for over a year
  • We also treat underlying problems.
  • Personal and involved; one practitioner from intake to aftercare
  • Reimbursed under the basic health insurance


If people do not have a reimbursement policy, our care is 70% reimbursed by all insurers. We charge a co-payment amounting to about 10% of the costs.

We do this on a trust and income basis, so that the richest shoulders bear the heaviest burden. In practice, that means a co-payment of € 120 for the entire treatment for an average income. Lower incomes € 80 for the entire treatment, the highest incomes € 400.


consultation and referral

We are happy to consult, before the referral or during the course. If someone is not in the best of hands with us, we can discuss what another good solution might be for someone.

We will send a report after the intake and at the end of the treatment program.

Clients can self-refer by using the contact form on this site.

eetverslaving boulimia

Continuing education / learn more?

We find “addiction” an infinitely interesting topic, whether in a neurological, clinical, social or philosophical sense.

We would like to discuss it with you, your GP group, FTO or supervision group.

Kick your habits


Phone number

From 09.00am – 05.00pm
020 – 737 0887


Cornelis Krusemanstraat 75b
1075 NJ Amsterdam

Maliesingel 55
3581 BR Utrecht