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Referrals for addictions in Amsterdam

Who can we help?

We provide ambulant, personal and effective care to people living their ‘regular’ life with their family, a job, or school, who want to tackle their problems with addiction in that setting.

We are there for all those who regularly consult their GP due to functional stomach complaints, COPD, coughing, recurring headaches, chronic sleeping problems, relational conflicts, PDD, burn outs, metabolic syndroms, or inconsistent eating patterns where you know or suspect an underlying addiction problem to be the root cause.

We are there for those who cannot be treated for other psychological issues until their addiction problem is under control. Or for those who started a treatment, but cannot continue due to addiction problems.

We are there for those who have already tried numerous addictive care treatments and have become despondent, but are still willing to change. A (serious) addiction, but with a semblence of structure in life, such as a job, family, volunteering, or an education.

The addicted fellow human being, who still has interests, hobbies, and a desire to permanently change.

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Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nl

An 8.6 on ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’

.“A very thoughtful and efficient treatment that doesn’t fall back on soft babble or impersonal protocols. 

Highly effective.”

we are open again.

You can refer via Zorgdomein or by sending us this form. Do not forget to put BGGZ or SGGZ on it! Otherwise we have to bother you again.

(We are doing our best, but we rarely succeed in solving ‘habit problems’ in the BGGZ, particularly because we are also looking at the underlying causes with the client).

Your patient must also contact us by completing the registration form.

For Amsterdam GPs: You can easily refer via Zorgdomein

Letter of referral

In order to be eligble for reimbursement by the health insurer, a letter of referral is required from a GP or specialist. Starting from 1-1-2014, the health insurer has set the following requirements for the referral letter:

the letter of referral needs to contain the following specifications:

  • Basic or Specialized GGZ and (suspected) DSM V diagnosis.
  • The letter of referral must be dated prior to the intake.     

To speed things up, we have devised a format for referral letters:

Download letter of referral


We prefer to receive letters of referral by fax. Our fax number is 020 5248015.

Of course you can also give it to the client who can take it to us, or you can mail it to Cornelis Krusemanstraat 75b 1075NJ Amsterdam

Cooperation General Practitioner

We can cooperate in a consulting manner, or during the after care. There are some great cooperation structures available that could play an important role for the secundary prevention of relapses. 

Guiding bad habits into different paths in a sustainable manner appears to be a time consuming matter, time which a GP lacks, contrary to us. But the after care of this process -thereby ensuring that the change will endure- is mainly a matter of consistency; a sequence of short consults can be sufficient. As a GP, you are an expert in providing this continuity of care.

Cooperation Psychologist/Psychiatrist

We can cooperate in 2 different ways:

  • We treat the clients in parallel. Different DTCs. After consulting with you, we can treat your clients to help them get rid of bad habits.
  • We take over your clients and return them when their habits are under control.

What do we offer?

  • Ambulance, individual care
  • Basic GGZ and specialized GGZ
  • Basic: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational conversing/span>

  • We try to include the client’s surroundings as much as possible

  • Focus on developing and strengthening effective habits.

  • Common sense approach: exercising, healthy diet, proper sleep and a good life

  • Clients are under our care for an average of six months

  • Year-long after care

  • Personal and involved; one practitioner from the intake to the after care

  • Covered by the basic health insurance plans





For those without a restitution policy, our care will be reimbursed by all health insurers for up to 70%. We request a personal contribution of around 10% of the total costs.

This is income-dependent and on good faith, so that the richest shoulders bear the heaviest burden. In practice, this means that the personal contribution is around € 120 on an average income. For the lower incomes this is € 80 for the whole treatment, and the higher incomes pay up to € 400.

Consulting and referring

We will gladly consult with you, either prior to the referral or during the treatment. If we feel like we cannot provide adequate care, we can consult regarding other possible solutions.

We will provide you with a report after the intake and when the treatment has concluded.

Clients can register themselves; by phone, by email or with the contact form on this site.

Refresher training/want to know more?

We think ‘addiction’ is an infinitely interesting topic, in a neurological, clinical, societal and philosophical sense. We would gladly exchange insights with you, your practice, FTO or supervision group.

Consultation, information, referrals?