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Blogs on addiction in Amsterdam

 “Every day I had the intention to change, but I never got to it. I got harder and harder on myself, I drank more and more.”

How our anti-fat sentiments turned into a sugar ‘addiction’.

How our anti-fat sentiments turned into a sugar ‘addiction’.

The scientific article on which our ideas regarding the risk factors of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are based were heavily sponsored by the American Sugar Association. The article, published in 1967 by 3 Harvard authors in the highly renowned New England Medical...

Kick off for 2017 !

Kick off for 2017 !

2017 is at your doorstep. Not a single drop of alcohol for the entire duration of January! You've been there, the endless debates with yourself: I'm not drinking more than 2 glasses today. I tried it yesterday, and although I failed, the least I can do is try. So we...


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Temporary patient stop

We aim to limit waiting periods to 3 weeks. As soon as that is feasible again, and we have some breathing room, a registration form will appear below.

We’re developing parallel alternatives, providing you with plenty of options when you wish to change your habits.

Our good name leads to a larger reputation, which is a big compliment for us. The downside is that we need to limit the number of people that we can treat simultaneously to be able to provide the highest quality of care.

When you fill in the registration form and we’ve received the letter of referral from your GP or referring psychiatrist, we’ll discuss your case with the intake team to determine whether this is the right place for you. We will contact you about this. Important to remember: the treatment starts immediately after a positive intake and we start matching the client and practitioner, because we highly value a proper connection between us and you.



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