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Can’t sleep?

.‘I can’t fall asleep  is a frequently occurring problem. We often try to solve it with ‘a nightcap‘, a sip -or more- of whatever you have lying around. We think it will make us sleep better.

Here are the experiences of people about Sleeping-Without:

Starting the day is so much easier: ‘I used to wake up feeling horrible. I didn’t feel like starting the day, I really had to pump myself up with a few cups of coffee. Now that I’ve stopped drinking, getting up is still not my favorite part of the day, but I do feel rested and stronger, I feel like I can take on anything.’ 

You sleep much better: ‘I used to drink to get a good night’s rest. I always figured: I can’t fall asleep without a glass of wine. Now it turns out that it wasn’t true, I did not expect that! I sleep soundly and deeply, often without waking up during the night. Sure, I fell asleep fast when I used to drink, but I also woke up a couple of times per night. I woke up at 4 AM on a regular basis, even if it was just for a visit to the bathroom. It was exhausting, really. ‘ 

You’re more fit during the day: ‘Now that my sleep has become so much better, I’m much more fit during the day. I haven’t completely lost my ‘afternoon dip’, but it has decreased significantly. I can take on the day much better, and it’s a wonderful feeling!’