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Hold on to your horses, some so-called experts call the day of tomorrow the most depressing day of the year…

Spring is a long time to go, the bills of the expensive December month are clogging your mailbox, Trump is on the way, and above al…: Nog lang geen voorjaar, vies weer, de rekeningen van een dure decembermaand verstoppen je mailbox, Trump komt eraan, en bovenal…: all your good resolutions failed…

You started drinking again, the intake was your first and last step into the gym, and yesterday you caved in and devoured a roll of Oreos.

The best solution is: cancelling work, staying in bed all day, having soup delivered to your doorstep, not get any exercise and wait for the day to end.

The next best thing is to think: Jeez, what a shame that things didn’t go as planned. But I also know that there’s an advantage for every disadvantage. I’ll have to learn that it’s no use to run around like a headless chicken. I need to focus on the long term (evidence based). I’ll think about what I want my life to look like in a couple of years. Who do I want to be and what will I value?

Then, based on that, you make a plan. Write it down and read it a couple of times. Or: print it out on a large sheet and stick it to the fridge. That will do.

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